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So… why am I doing this?

To be honest, I can’t give just one reason. Maybe I don’t need a reason.

Well, you’re probably not satisfied by that, so here’s my most general and true motive: I love writing. I’ll be honest, I have NO IDEA how this will work out (assuming it will work out in some way, let’s be positive). I was never good at keeping a journal, I tried, I honestly tried, but it didn’t last more than a few days. A week was already an incredible achievement! But this time I hope things will turn out differently. I write from pleasure, after all.

I expect… I’ll be posting random thoughts, ideas, situations, who knows what. Only time can tell. 🙂

P.S. don’t believe me when I say writing is a passion of mine? Check my Wattpad profile page then: Darkenread. Keep in mind I keep what’s best to myself, so expect books to be published in the (hopefully near) future.

Have a nice time! ^_^

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